Simulation of Indigenous Public Consultation


Photo: Arctic Russia

Respected sociologists and social anthropologists interview various staff members from municipal organizations who deal with representatives of indigenous minorities as part of the Clean Arctic - Vostok 77 high-latitude expedition.

News agency TASS says that collected attitude of public officials and indigenous representatives as such will facilitate creating a new chatbot simulating public сonsultation.

This model will allow to examine different forms of support and ways of indigenous peoples’ rights protection in the North in different countries. It will apply three basic cases of peoples’ activities, namely, reindeer herders, fishermen and hunters.

The aim is twofold. First, the model seeks to reduce the possibility of abuse with political or commercial motives. Second, it will help indigenous peoples learn how to recognize different types of manipulation. First and foremost, by their so-called benefactors who seek to profit from the implementation of national ideas or simply teach indigenous minorities to recognize propaganda via the Internet.

The work will help to deeply investigate the current state of indigenous communities, standardize leaders at the local, national and federal levels, identify destabilizing and asocial forms of leadership […] A simulation will imitate all the activities. Nothing to disclose the names or real state actors, commented scientific coordinator Rodion Kosorukov.



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