Standards for Responsibility to the Indigenous Peoples Signed


Photo: Alexandra Marchuk / Geo Photo

The Ministry for the Development of the Russian Far East and the Arctic promotes the implementation of Standards for Responsibility to the Indigenous Peoples of the North. So far, eighteen companies, residents of the Arctic Zone of the Russian Federation, have signed the document.

The experience of companies operating in the Arctic was taken into account during development of Standards. This document includes a list of criteria that the residents are advised to observe in their relations with representatives of the indigenous minorities of the North. Eighteen residents of the Arctic Zone of the Russian Federation have joined the agreement aimed at improving the quality of life of indigenous peoples and helping them preserve their ancestral habitat, their identity and culture in the modern, ever-changing world, the Сorporation comments.

Standards promote the participation of indigenous peoples' representatives in decision-making process grounded on recognition of their rights and interests in the development of natural resources. Moreover, it facilitates cooperation on social and economic issues, as well as helps reduce the negative impact of economic activity in the Arctic territories.

The document signed is a supplement to reached arrangements by the Ministry for the Development of the Russian Far East in 2020. It emphasizes the importance of Arctic companies should respect the rights of indigenous peoples when operating in their lands.

JSC Yanolovo is a good example that adheres to Standards. The company holds the alluvial tin deposit in the Ust-Yansky District of Yakutia. This district is a settlement of the indigenous, and reindeer husbandry is highly developed here. The JSC representatives confirm their readiness to maintain dialogue and provide assistance to the locals. For example, today the company offers transport to reindeer herders, as well as job opportunities, scholarships, etc.

Source: TASS