Svalbard Science Conference


Svalbard Science Conference 2023. Photo: Adam Nawrot/ Institute of Geophysics PAS

The fourth Svalbard Science Conference (SSC2023) will be held at Scandic Fornebu, Oslo from 31 October to 1 November 2023.

The Svalbard Science Conference aims to reach scientific excellence through cooperation, to enhance cooperation and quality of research in Svalbard, to build and strengthen interdisciplinary and international networks and to consolidate Svalbard as an attractive platform for Arctic research.

The programme includes presentations, posters and panel discussions on permafrost thaw and coastal erosion, efficient data management, the future of Svalbard, etc.

The SSC2023 organising committee will include the Research Council of Norway, the Norwegian Polar Institute, the Norwegian Institute for Air Research, the Norwegian Meteorological Institute and the Svalbard Science Forum.

About the Forum

Svalbard Science Forum (SSF) coordinates information about infrastructure and activities in Svalbard. It facilitates coordination, collaboration and data sharing between researchers, averts unnecessary duplication and encourages a smaller environmental footprint from research in Svalbard.

Source: The Research Council of Norway



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