Svalbard’s Uniqueness Attracts the Growing Attention of the World’s Media


Photo: kjekol / iStock

“Everyone is equal here. No one needs a visa and everyone can use its natural resources. There is no other place like Svalbard,” writes the Polish edition of

Svalbard is an unusual archipelago of islands. Although it is full of scientists, there is also no shortage of tourists who travel hundreds of kilometers to admire the breathtaking views. There are more polar bears living in Svalbard than residents.

However, this place is unique for other reasons that make Svalbard the only such place in the world. Firstly, even though it belongs to Norway, no one needs a visa here. Citizens from all over the world can easily come here and even live and stay in the archipelago for as long as they wish. No one needs a visa, not even a tourist visa. The authorities cannot deny the right to settle to anyone or favor any nation.

However, there is a condition - one cannot depend on the state. This means that everyone has to rely on their own earnings. No one can rely on government benefits or loans.

If you are unable to support yourself, you must return to your country. This rule also applies to Norwegian citizens. In this way, everyone is equal before the law.