The 6-year Voyage Around the Earth on the Yacht ‘Elizaveta’ is Over


Motor Yacht ‘Elizaveta’. Photo: Alexey Loginov

The voyage around the Earth took more than six years. The round-the-world trip on the 17-meter sailing-motor yacht ‘Elizaveta’ under the Russian flag started on July 9, 2017 and ended in Krasnoyarsk on September 13, 2023.

The yacht has covered a distance of over 35,000 nautical miles on the most challenging route. There were five stages: European - Transatlantic - American - Antarctic - Pacific - East Arctic.

The crew of the yacht changed regularly, but expedition leader Alexey Loginov and his senior assistant Pavel Pavlov made it all the way.

During the first stage ‘Elizaveta’ passed the Yenisei River, the Kara Sea, the Barents Sea, the White Sea, Lake and the Vyg River, the White Sea-Baltic Canal, Lake Onega, the Svir River, Lake Ladoga, and came to St. Petersburg along the Neva River in August 2017.

Then, from St. Petersburg, the yacht started the next stage already in August 2019. The yacht sailed around Europe, made a transatlantic crossing, passed Latin America and arrived in Antarctica in February 2020.

The way back was through the Pacific Ocean. RT, a global TV news network, made a documentary about this period of the expedition. The movie was called Pandemic Odyssey because it was filmed at the height of the pandemic.

After arriving in Russia, the crew spent the winter in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. Then, the yacht returned to Dudinka along the Arctic Ocean and traveled along the Yenisei River to Krasnoyarsk, where it was sent for repairs at a local shipyard.

The ‘By Routes of Great Expeditions’ project was implemented with the support of the Association of Polar Explorers, an Interregional Public Organization, and the Krasnoyarsk branch of the Russian Geographical Society.



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