The Election Results to the Sámi Parliament of Finland Are Now Out


Since 2012, the Sámi Parliament of Finland has been working in the Sami cultural center Sayos in the village of Inari, the Arctic territory of Finland.

Photo: Samediggi

At a meeting on July 3, 2024, the election commission of the Sámi Parliament approved the results of the elections to this body of people's representation of the Sami of Finland. The extended election period for the Sámi Parliament of Finland, from June 3 to July 1, 2024, reflects a thoughtful approach to ensuring that the dispersed Sámi reindeer herding community had opportunity to participate in the election process.

2,945 voters, or 48.08 percent of eligible voters, exercised their right to vote in the elections. The Electoral Commission did not count 174 votes in the voting in accordance with Section 35 of the Sami Parliamentary Assemblies Act and rejected 6 ballots in accordance with Section 37 of the Act.

The elections were held under the sign of a violation by the right-wing conservative government of Finland, which includes the nationalist party True Finns, of the rights of the Sami to self-determination as an indigenous people, which contradicts national legislation. The information about violation of the Sámi rights of the Sami was reported earlier.

Source: Samediggi