The Icebreaker Festival will take place in St. Petersburg

Photo: The Arctic

The 11th icebreaker Festival will be held in St. Petersburg from April 28 to May 1, the city administration reported. This event will mark the official launch of the 2024 tourism season in the "Venice of the North".

All enthusiasts will have the opportunity to board four icebreakers. Three ships are operational: "Vladivostok," "Captain Zarubin," and "Captain Sorokin". One, the "Krasin", serves as a museum ship permanently moored for public viewing.

Furthermore, specialized exhibitions will be unveiled along Lieutenant Schmidt Embankment, the festival's venue. These exhibits include "The History of Russian Diving," a lecture on icebreaking using nuclear power, and more. Various thematic workshops will also be available for both children and adults.

The Russian Icebreaker Festival stands as the world's sole event of its kind, showcasing the unique maritime heritage and innovation of the nation.