The Nordic Council Cooperation Without Greenland


Photographer: Magnus Fröderberg/

The five Nordic Ministers responsible for Immigration, Integration, Justice and Interior agreed on three joint initiatives where the countries will cooperate more closely in the area of migration and return, according to a joint statement.

The first initiative on reintegration projects will allow Nordic migration and return attachés to coordinate and support assisted voluntary returns from Nordic countries to countries of origin in close cooperation with concerned reintegration partners.

The second initiative focuses on returning individuals who do not have a right to remain in the EU and Schengen Area to their country of origin by working towards joint Nordic return operations in collaboration with Frontex.

The third project seeks to assist IOM, as an implementing partner, in providing services to stranded irregular migrants in North Africa. They will be offered assisted voluntary return to their own countries, where reintegration will be facilitated.

However, the chairman of the Greenland government criticised the cooperation in the Nordic Council, Sermitsiaq reports.

He believes that Greenland stands outside the community when the most important topics are discussed in the cooperation, and calls for more equal cooperation in his speech:

The Nordic cooperation is described as a community between friends. We from Greenland would like to be part of this community. However, it must be on equal terms both when it comes to duties and responsibilities. This is not the case today.

Source: High North News