TV BRICS to Air Animated Series About the Arctic in Kenya



MediaMax, a partner of TV BRICS in Kenya, will air the Children of the Arctic animated series on its K24 channel (K24 TV - Kenya's Television online streaming and live TV viewing).

The cartoon’s main characters – a wild reindeer, a polar bear, Anya and Vitya- will greet the young viewers every Saturday morning.

The characters will tell the viewers about the culture, language and customs of the Russian Arctic, and together with them they will go on incredible adventures to learn friendship, mutual assistance and the ability to cope with any trouble.

Mediamax Network is one of East Africa's leading media holdings. It is watched by 35 million viewers across Kenya every month.

The Children of the Arctic animated series is part of a cultural and educational project of the same name. The project aims to preserve and promote the languages and cultural heritage of Arctic indigenous peoples. The project portal features language courses, educational materials and a series of popular science programmes about life in the Russian Arctic.