Underwater Tankers For Arctic Oil and Gas Transportation


Photo: picture alliance / Zoonar / Denis Pomortsev

Shipping in the Arctic is growing rapidly. In this regard, scientists and experts expect new modes of transport and logistics solutions to emerge in the Arctic. For example, underwater tankers and dry-cargo vessels.

Underwater tankers and dry-cargo vessels will be used for cargo transportation in the Arctic in the future, head of the laboratory of long-term ice forecasts and ice regime at the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute said.

According to the scientist, the Arctic is becoming more and more attractive for shipping due to ice melting caused by global climate change. In this regard, new research equipment and new modes of transport are being actively introduced in the region. One of the alternatives to modern cargo vessels could be submarines that do not depend on ice conditions.

So far these are theoretical ideas, however, they are being actively discussed. Such vehicles could be modernised submarines. In areas with large accumulations of ice, they will dive to a depth of 50-100 metres, overcoming the obstacles. Then, in warm seas, they will be able to continue their journey on the surface. However, such projects require an appropriate loading and unloading infrastructure, the scientist explained.

The scientist added that amphibious hovercrafts will be in demand for passenger traffic and tourist trips in the Northern Sea Route area. They will also ensure the movement of people and cargo regardless of ice conditions.

At the same time, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are now widely used in the Arctic. They are used for ice reconnaissance and mail delivery. The importance of these vehicles will only increase in the future.

Source:  Izvestia