Unique Device with Constant Access to NSR’s Weather Conditions


Photo: JSC Ruselectronics

The system will provide detailed weather information along the entire Northern Sea Route (NSR). Besides, it will transmit data to Arctic ships in the absence of proper communication with land-based stations. All necessary tests are expected to be completed by the end of 2024.

JSC Ruselectronics, a Russian holding company owned by Rostec, created a unique device for monitoring meteorological and ice conditions.

It can withstand temperatures down to —60 °C and wind speed up to 50 m/s.

The device identifies and processes information on the type and amount of clouds, precipitation intensity, and surface temperatures. The data is displayed on the workstation monitor.

The device provides combined reception of information from Earth remote sensing satellites by a single antenna in two frequency bands at once: centimeter and decimeter. Thus, there is no need to build separate stations.

In addition, the system can provide accurate data by inputting the coordinates of a specific area.

Source: The Arctic Century



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