URAL Automobile Plant Presents an Arctic Road Train


An Arctic Road Train. Photo: URAL Automobile Plant

URAL Automobile Plant has completed a mandatory set of tests of the Arctic Road Train wheeled vehicle with a transportable functional module. In 2024, it is planned to complete preparations for mass production.

The Arctic road train with a transportable functional module is designed to carry passengers in areas with poorly developed road networks in conditions of low temperatures (up to - 50 degrees Celsius). Besides, the Arctic road train can be used in areas with soils with low load-bearing capacity, in snowy conditions, as well as on public roads. In addition, the vehicle can overcome water obstacles up to 1.3 metres deep (without preparation).

Another objective of the vehicle is to create mobile functional complexes: medical, educational or catering where such facilities practically do not exist.

The Arctic road train has been developed as part of a project implemented under an agreement with the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation together with leading technical universities of Russia - South Ural State University and Bauman Moscow State Technical University.