US and Swedish Air Forces Are Now Preparing to Confront Russia in the Arctic


Last Friday, two American strategic bombers B-1B, nuclear weapons carrier aircraft, landed at the Sweden's northernmost base in Luleå to conduct training with the Swedish F21 Air Force Wing. This is the first joint effort since the Hungarian Parliament approved Sweden's membership in NATO.

The Swedish agency reports that F21's strategic location as Sweden's northernmost air base could play a significant role in the fight for natural resources in the Arctic and control of Russia's maritime routes from the Kola Peninsula to the Atlantic.

Currently, Swedish and American combat aircraft are preparing for operations in the Arctic climate, and following Hungary’s approval of Sweden's membership in NATO, such exercises may potentially increase in number.

In this nexus, a further enlargement  of the air force base in Luleå is planned, said Colonel Peter Greberg, commander of the 21st Airlift Wing.

Source: SVT