New Diplomacy in the Arctic?

Arctic development

Liu Hao, a professor and CEO of the Global Management School of Beijing Institute of Technology, called for the development and embracement of new diplomatic methods in the high latitudes.

In his video address during the discussion “The Arctic in the focus of the international science dialogue,” the professor emphasised that the Arctic is a fragile region, experiencing transformational processes, and adaptation to these changes demands abandoning traditional mechanisms and formats. 

It is imperative to diversify cooperation in the Arctic at the expense of dialogue enlargement with other states interested in working in the region.

It is possible to establish new scientific formats with the countries of the Pacific region, states of Latin America or BRICS.

This topic is gaining relevance both in Russia and in the whole world due to the frozen traditional cooperation in the Arctic Council, for this reason, collaboration between Russia and non-arctic states, which are ready to engage in the dialogue, may become a new form of the of conducting arctic diplomacy, particularly through the scientific cooperation – researches, expeditions. This discussion took place in the course of the World Youth Festival on 6 March 2024.

The event was attended by the Representatives of Rosatom and Corporation on the Far East and the Arctic development. Participants tried to answer the following question – how to engage the talented youth in addressing scientific tasks related to Arctic development.