Special Interest of Myanmar in the Arctic

Myanmar Marine

Scientists at the Arctic Center of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, sometimes known as Laverovsky Centre located in Arkhangelsk (named after prominent geologist and geochemist Nikolai Laverov) embark on joint research activities with the Myanmar Marine Science Association. They will focus on the conservation of rare freshwater fauna. The center principal task is to prepare a book-determinant on Myanmar Freshwater Shellfish.

The non-governmental organization Myanmar Marine Science Association intends to develop a web of protected territories particularly marine and freshwater areas at the request of the Myanmar government. The Myanmar Marine Science Association is an organisation that aims to conserve freshwater dolphin populations that roam the Irrawaddy River, endangered turtle species, large coral reef islands and mangrove forests. In this light, the experience of Laverovsky Center comes in handy as one of the largest and most active scientific schools in both Russia and the world in the field of malacology (zoology section devoted to molluscs).

Nowadays Myanmar adheres to environmental protection and preserving natural diversity. The current agreement between the Russian Scientific Center and the Myanmar Marine Science Association will help to get some data about the fauna of freshwater invertebrates.

Laverovsky Center has been cooperating with this Asian country for 11 years. The government of Myanmar is interested in the study and assessment of freshwater resources and biodiversity. The leadership of RAS says that there are traditional observations of various groups of invertebrates during building processes as it is imperative to evaluate how construction can harm nature in this case.

The joint book Determinant on Myanmar Freshwater Shellfish will include an overview of species with their descriptions, pictures, and an assessment of their distribution and habitat. This book will be a part of mandatory publications for employees of environmental organisations in the country.

It is the unique experience of Laverovsky Center situated in the Arctic region that is useful for studying such creatures. Russia has only 16 species of these marine animals, approximately half of them have been discovered thanks to scientists of the centre, whereas, according to the Russian group scientists, Myanmar accounts for nearly 80 species. Shellfish play a crucial role in the nutrition of the local population and indigenous peoples. It is highly relevant for remote villages where freshwater creatures live providing locals with food rich in protein.

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