The Specifics of Arctic Regional Policy: A Case of Russian Karelia
The Republic of Karelia spans almost 11% of the Northwestern Russia's land area, covering 180,520 square kilometers. In geo-economic and cultural terms, it falls within the ambit known as the European North of Russia. Notably, about 38% of the republic's northern territories belong to the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation
Oil and Gas Companies Aim to Protect the Arctic
Huge reserves of hydrocarbons are hidden in the depths of the Arctic. This could not but draw the attention of major oil and gas companies from all over the world. However, the extraction of energy resources in the Arctic, as well as anthropogenic activities in the region as a whole, can lead to a number of negative consequences for the region's ecosystem
Drone’s Role in the Development of Arctic Navigation
The drones will become part of a Unified Digital Ecosystem aimed at simplifying and speeding up navigation along the Northern Sea Route (NSR)