Arctic Dialectics: Ample Opportunities for Extraction or Transition to Clean Energy?
The Arctic is one of the most fossil fuel affluent areas in the world that have yet to be discovered and exploited. In parallel, we’re now facing increasing needs for safety and security as a result of increasing transportation across the Arctic.
A Step Towards Understanding Russian Environmental Policy
The Soviet Union’s emphasis on heavy industrial development and blatant disregard for the environment has left Russia facing numerous environmental problems. In early Soviet times, the natural environment was considered the background of industrialization, which unambiguously depicted a poster Smoke of Chimneys is The Breath of Soviet Russia. Apparently, the priorities were different then. Soviet policymaking in the p...
Norway Reluctant to Ban Deep-Sea Mining in the Arctic
Thirty-two countries have pledged to stop all deep-sea mining in polar regions at the One Planet - Polar Summit, which ended in Paris on 10 November. However, Norway has not signed the summit’s conclusions.