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Site Map The Arctic Century

The Arctic Century


Permafrost Zone is Being Developed with the Help of the Latest Technical Developments

Green Energy Projects in Northwest Russia, Part of Russia’s Arctic Zone

Russia and Italy: Joint Past, Present and Future in the Arctic

The Bering or Dezhnev Strait? The First in the Arctic

Disappointing Results of Nearly Thirty Years of EU-Sápmi Relations

A Step Towards Understanding Russian Environmental Policy

Bright Arctic «Stars»

The Arktikugol Trust: Past, Present and Future in Svalbard

What to Know About Managing Ice Conditions in the Russian Arctic?

We Can Trust the Leadership of the Country We Cooperate With

Russia Walks Away From the UNCLOS?

The Specifics of Arctic Regional Policy: A Case of Russian Karelia

A New Iron Curtain on the Border with Russia. Whether Return to Good Neighbourhood Possible?

Pan-Arctic Science: Frozen of Broken?

NATO’s Scandinavian Klondike: Implications for the Swedes and the Rest of the World


ESG Technologies in the Russian Arctic. Reality or Distant Future?

How to Survive a Bear Encounter, or Better Yet, Avoid Meeting a Polar Bear

Science and Technology for Arctic Development

The Oldest Human Traces Have Been Found in the Arctic

The Arctic Countries’ Chokepoints Are Critical to the Rest of the World

The Arctic Council’s Working Groups to Resume their Activities

Blue Carbon: Fruitful Ground for Arctic Cooperation

Biological Particles Affect Arctic Clouds

Crisis of Overfishing and Global Implications

North–South Transport Corridor Connects Continents

Uncertain Future for the NSR Driven by Russia-West Confrontation

Arctic Сyclones Are Forming More Often and Getting Stronger

India-Nordic Relations and Arctic Policy

Russian Arctic in American strategic planning

Arctic Dialectics: Ample Opportunities for Extraction or Transition to Clean Energy?

Perspectives for Magnetic Levitation Technologies in the Russian Arctic

Hidden Sources of Global Carbon Emissions

“Humanitarian Crisis” on the Russian-Finnish Border

The U.S. Conducted Research on the Extended Continental Shelf in the Arctic

U.S. Sanctions Against Arctic LNG 2 Project: The Reason Behind

From Past to Present: How Hydrocarbon Production Methods Change in Russia

Facing Confrontation in The Middle East: A New Impetus to the Arctic Routes?

Do Black Swans in the Middle East Provide Opportunities for the NSR?

Fish and Chips Under Threat or How the UK Lost a Fishing Privilege in the Barents Sea

Russian Fishermen in the Faroes: Who’s to Blame and What’s Next?

Greater Voice of the Indigenous in the Arctic Shipping?

A Ban On Cargo Insurance in the Arctic Seas. Russia proposes solutions

Some Aspects to Consider About Northern Delivery

U.S. Pause on LNG Exports or Opportunities for Other LNG Exporters

The USA and Its Icebreakers

Oil and Gas Companies Aim to Protect the Arctic

Drone’s Role in the Development of Arctic Navigation

“Circumpolar” Cooperation. Current State

Heavy Fuel Oil Ban in the Arctic

The Northern Forum: New Ways of Cooperation

Russian LNG Successfully Permeates Western Sanctions

Will the UK Stay Without Russian Cod?

International Youth Collaboration in the Russian Arctic: Uniting Efforts for a Sustainable Future

The Case of Key Arctic Settlements Under Consideration


Norway Parliament Votes in Favour of Seabed Mining

URAL Automobile Plant Presents an Arctic Road Train

Scientists Collect eDNA Samples in the Arctic Melting Glaciers Autonomously

New Technologies for the Arctic: Scientists Made a Medical Discovery

Polar Bear Patrol May Be Organised in Russia’s Dikson

Cargo Traffic Along Northern Sea Route Above Target in 2023

Seismic and Volcanic Activity in Iceland Continues with Serious Consequences

Historical Adventure Film Is Being Shot in Chukotka

Russia, India Plan to Renew Chennai-Vladivostok Maritime Corridor

Newly Elected Local Authorities Changed Their Decision on Willow Project

Business Residents Invest More Than $85 Million in Yakutia

New Eruption Occurs Near Grindavik, Iceland

Fifth Project 22220 Nuclear-Powered Icebreaker to Be Laid Down

New Method of Searching for Hydrocarbon Deposits in the Arctic

SAR Large-Scale Arctic Exercises — 2024

Houthi Attacks’ Influence on the Global Trade

Okskaya Shipyard Starts the Construction of Ice-Class Dry-Cargo Vessels

Medical Centre to Serve the NSR to Be Opened in Russia’s Arctic

Arctic Weekly Newsletter

Rosatom and DP World Build Container Ship for Cargo Transportation Along the NSR

The Arctic Zone of the Russian Federation Expands

Underwater Robotic Gliders to Explore the Arctic

Russia’s Isolation Negatively Affects Arctic Climate Research

Development of the Largest Lithium Deposit Started in the Arctic Region

China and Russia Discuss Northern Sea Route Cargo Insurance

Federal Budget Will Fund the Northern Delivery Infrastructure

New International Educational Project About the Arctic

Mapping Arctic Regions to Clean Up

Arctic Weekly Newsletter

Underwater Tankers For Arctic Oil and Gas Transportation

New Wintering Complex Built at Vostok Research Station

Underground Carbon Storage Helps Combat Climate Change

Rosneft Conducts Large-Scale Scientific Research in the Arctic

Satellite Data’s Role in Monitoring Climate Change

U.S. Pauses New LNG Export Projects

Latin American Arctic Priorities Are Visible Now

Innovative Systems for Safe Navigation Along the NSR

Some Preliminary Results in the Arctic Development

Arctic Weekly Newsletter

Frost-Resistant Cables for the Arctic

Arctic Tourism at Leading Travel Trade Show in Asia

Rosatom Tested an Unmanned Aerial Ice Reconnaissance System

Sámi Peoples Celebrate Their National Day

The International Winter School for Arctic Studies

Fishermen in the Arctic Will Use Space Technology

The Gonets System to Ensure Technological Sovereignty of Arctic Shipping

Russian North-Western Universities Delegation Deepens Cooperation with India

Arctic Weekly Newsletter

New Horizons for the Arctic Tourism in Karelia

2024 Centre-Right President in Finland

How Arctic Fishing is Proposed to Change

11th Session IMO Subcommittee on Pollution Prevention & Response

Towards an Increasingly Biased View on Arctic Change

Indigenous Heritage on the International Mother Language Day

Raisina Dialogue: European Vision on the Arctic

Kem-Belomorsk Agglomeration Among Backbone Arctic Territories

The Arctic Is Being Reinforced With Railway Troops

Mortal Gas Emissions As the Global Warming Continues

US and Swedish Air Forces Are Now Preparing to Confront Russia in the Arctic

Banks Pay More Attention to NSR Cargo Transit

Finland Needs NATO’s Economic Rather Than Military Support

Murmansk Port Arctic Programme Launched

Europe Will Suffer From Heatwaves and Droughts In Near Future

Bird Flu Detected in Polar Bear in Alaska

Canada and U.S. Compete over Claims to Arctic Sea Floor

IASC Calendar 2024: An International Arctic Calendar

Arctic LNG 2 to Start First LNG Shipments in Q1 2024

Sámi Reindeer Herders to Get Millions over Norway Wind Farm

Scientists Develop a Greenhouse Gas Monitoring System

New Arctic Shipping Status Report

The Northernmost Permafrost Monitoring Station Installed in Russia

China’s Foreign Ministry: China, Russia Will Continue Economic Cooperation

International Competition for Young Musicians “Symphony of Yamal”

Cargo Traffic via Northern Sea Route Reaches Record 35m Tonnes

Indigenous Peoples Are the First to Celebrate New Year in Russia

Canada’s Northern Action Plan for 2023-2028

Why Reindeer Eyes Shine Blue in the Dark Arctic Winter

NOVATEK Issues Force Majeure Notices over Arctic LNG 2 Project

Arctic Oil Drilling Project in Alaska

Volunteers from Around the World Will Gather in Russia

Fees to Be Introduced for Tourism Hotspots in Faroe Islands

Remains of Unknown Ancient Animals Found in Yakutia

Drones Could Deliver Cargo to Remote Arctic Communities

Norway’s UiT, the University of Alaska Anchorage Renew Cooperation Agreement

The Northern Sea Route Creates Jobs in the Far East

Burlak Off-Road Vehicles Are Ready for the North

Volcanic Eruption on Reykjanes Peninsula, Iceland

Using Fibre Optic Cable to Study Arctic Seafloor Permafrost

Russia’s Second Arktika-M Meteorological Satellite Launched into Orbit

India Launches Its First Winter Science Expedition to the Arctic

S.Korea Interested in Cooperation with Russia on the NSR

Recent Advances in Structural Health Monitoring

TV BRICS to Air Animated Series About the Arctic in Kenya

Norwegian Oil and Gas Investments Set to Soar in 2024

Arctic Council Urged to Cut Black Carbon Emissions from Shipping

Warmest Arctic Summer on Record

Russian Arctic Regions Organise Nomadic Kindergartens, Schools

Weather Station for Scientists to Be Reopened in Pyramiden, Svalbard

Soil in Arctic Cities Emits Up to 30 Per Cent More CO2 Than Natural Soil

Environmentalists Block Test-Drilling for Minerals in Lapland, Finland

Major Sociological Study of Indigenous Peoples Launched in Taimyr Peninsula

Arctic and Antarctic Museum Plans to Create Polar Media Library

Inuit Self-Determination at Heart of Canada’s Arctic Research Funding Plan

The U.S. Invests $1M in Arctic Climate Data Research

Arctic Academic Centre Intends to Cooperate with Madagascar in Climate Change, Genetics

Microbe Diversity in the Arctic Affects Climate Change Rate

Arktikugol Upgrades Port Infrastructures in Svalbard

Environment Groups Condemn Norway’s Deep-Sea Mining

Scientists Develop Structure for Water Transport’s Hydrogen Engine

Russian-Chinese Expert Seminar on Science Diplomacy in the Arctic

ArcticNet Conference Is Held in the Canadian Arctic for the 1st Time

ROSATOM Unveils New Icebreaker Reactors for Arctic Sea Routes

Norway to Begin Deep-Sea Mining in the Arctic

Scientists Assessed the Effects of Industrial Activities on the Arctic Animals

Swedish Fertilizer Producer Favours U.S. over Europe for Its Production Facility

Arctic Indigenous Peoples’ Attitudes Towards Social Media

India Expands Its Research Activities in the Arctic

Chinese Technology to Power Russian Arctic LNG-2 Project

Swedish Company Grangex Acquires Iron Ore Mine in Norway

U.S. House Bill Threatens the Alaskan Wilderness

«Microwave» for the Arctic

Scientists Decode the Genomes of Mammoths and Polar Bears

Old British Flag Found in Franz Josef Land on Display in Russia

International Scientific Centre Will Be Opened in Pyramiden, Svalbard

The World’s Northernmost Research Settlement Gets Mobile Coverage

Russia to Begin Year-Round Navigation Along NSR in 2024

British Сompany Aims to Bring Back the Woolly Mammoth

More Attention to NSR Environmental Protection Is Highly Required

Paint Particles: an Overlooked Component of Microplastics

Canadian Board Recommends Against Meliadine Gold Mine Expansion

Regular Tourist Flights to North Pole via Taimyr due in 2024

Arctic Startup Expedition May Become an International Project

Rosatom Completes a Major Project on Environmental Safety in the Arctic

Joint Arctic Search and Rescue Network Established

About Russian North Indigenous Youth Forum

India Is Determined to Scale Up Its Arctic Engagement

Arctic Weather Satellite May Enhance Weather Observations in the Region

Pollution in the Arctic Ocean: Sources and Distribution

Construction of Sweden’s H2 Green Steel Plant Has Begun

New Type of Oil Storage Container Developed

Freyr: Plans For a Cathode Factory in Finland Remain in Force

Russia Holds Days of Nenets Literature to Preserve Indigenous Culture

2nd International Symposium on Plastics in the Arctic and Sub-Arctic Region

Iceland Builds Wall to Protect Power Plant from Lava

Russian Scientists Developed a Hydrogen Engine for the Arctic

Greenland Signs Up for Paris Agreement on Climate Change

Russia, South Korea Intend to Strengthen Cooperation in the Arctic

The Arctic’s Role in Enhancing India’s Global Stature as a Maritime Power

Environmentalists Ask Federal Appeals Court to Halt Willow Oil Project

Transit Cargo Traffic Along the NSR Reached a Record 2,1m Tonnes

Arctic Transport: Arkhunt N Snow and Swamp-Going Vehicles

China-Russia Arctic Cooperation to Promote Sustainable Development

Northernmost «Plastic in a Bottle» Launched at 84 Degrees

Norway Reluctant to Ban Deep-Sea Mining in the Arctic

Sanctions Against Arctic LNG 2 Could Harm Energy Markets

Cultural Centre in Canada’s Arctic Eyes Early 2024 Opening

New Arctic Rescue Centre in Pevek by 2024

Iceland’s Blue Lagoon Сloses Due to Volcanic Activity

Mobile Laser for Oil Spill Response in the Arctic

Norwegian Battery Company Freyr Cuts Investment in Giga Arctic

BRICS Countries Showing Interest in Arctic Energy Projects

Freshwater Current Between the Kara, Laptev Seas Discovered

Willow Oil Project in Alaska’s Arctic Can Proceed

Russia Invited Vietnam to Emergency Response Exercises in the Arctic

Almost 6,000 Tonnes of Scrap Metal Collected Within Clean Arctic Project

Greenland’s Northern Ice Shelves Lost 35% of Their Volume

BRICS+ Forum: Discussions on Topical Issues of Arctic Development

India Intends to Build 24 Cargo Ships for Russia

Canada’s Davie Acquired Helsinki Shipyard from Russia’s Algador

Icelandic Authorities Held Press Conference on Possible Volcanic Eruption

Norway Opened Andøya Spaceport

Nornickel Attracts UN Experts to Develop Policy on Indigenous Peoples

Russian Unity Day

Short-Wave Communication System for Reindeer Herders

Northern Sea Route’s State Monitoring


The Nordic Council Cooperation Without Greenland

Arctic Residents to Receive 300 Prefabricated Chum Kits by 2026

Another Volcanic Eruption on Reykjanes Peninsula, Iceland?

Interactive Atlas of Indigenous Peoples of the North, Siberia and the Far East

New Microbial Communities in the Barents Sea

BRICS, African Countries Showing Interest in Russia’s Sfera Project

Developments in 3D Printing and Metal Additive Manufacturing

Arctic Multilingual Portal Project

Nornickel Launched the Largest Environmental Project in the Arctic

Arctic Permafrost Atlas: Importance of Arctic Voices

Ghana Genebank Becomes 100th Depositor to Svalbard Global Seed Vault

Genetically Modified Bacteria Tackle Plastic Pollution

U.S. Opens Diplomatic Station in Arctic Norway

New Sea Drone for Arctic Exploration

About the 7th ARCTIC OPEN Film Festival

Dubai’s DP World Cooperates with Russia to Develop NSR

Canadian Arctic and Northern Challenge Program

The Collapse of Eastern Bering Sea Snow Crab

The 13th ‘Arctic: Today and the Future’ International Forum in Russia

Norway Aims to Decrease the Wild Boar Population

Northern Forum Delegation to COP28

Unique All-terrain Vehicle for the Arctic

Alaska Sues Biden Administration over Arctic Lease Cancellations

Norway and Russia Signed 2024 Fisheries Agreement

Canada and Greenland Collaborate on Arctic Polynya Conservation

China Intends to Cooperate with Russia in the Arctic

Clean Arctic — Vostok-77 Expedition Researches North Peoples’ Languages

Arctic LNG 2: Construction of the Third Train

Svalbard Science Conference

Sami Activists Suspend Protests in Norway

Adventurers Set World Records in Arctic Ocean Kayak Journey

About Polar Data Forum V

Way to Use Algae in Zero-waste Technologies

Growing Role of Ice Base Cape Baranova

Over Million UK Homes at Risk of Flooding by 2080

Norway Increases Funding for Polar Research

2023 Arctic Circle Assembly

A New Subspecies of Arctic Butterfly

New Transport Route: North Siberian Railway

Franz Josef Land Walruses Make Separate Cluster

Local Elections in Svalbard Sparked Protests

Italian in the Arctic: 20 Years of Travelling

Norway — Russia: Scientific Cooperation Today

International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples

Near-surface Permafrost Will Be Gone by 2100

Controversy over Illegal Grazing of Norwegian Reindeer

Turkey Joined Svalbard Treaty

Chinese Container Ship Completed Round Trip via NSR

China’s Autonomous Underwater Robot for the Arctic

Norwegian-Russian Summit in the North

Pomors’ Calendars May Help Predict Climate Change

Scientists: Salmon are spawning in Arctic rivers

A New Bus for the Arctic

Ottawa Allocated $30M for High Arctic Housing Project

Norwegian Chairship Meets with Indigenous Peoples’ Organisations

Scientists Used AI to Monitor Polar Bear Population

Cloudberry Appeared in Svalbard due to Climate Change

About New Arctic Science Council

International Arctic Film Festival Inside Igloo

The U.S. and Norway Conduct Joint Arctic Exercises

Indian Sailors to Receive Ice Navigation Training

Scientists Seek to Study Submerged Nuclear Objects in Novaya Zemlya

Russia Cuts Arctic Project Funding

Environment at Risk as Lapland Warms Quickly

St. Petersburg Hosts Global Fishery Forum

Unique Device with Constant Access to NSR’s Weather Conditions

Artificial Intelligence Against Wild Animal Attacks

Seven Countries’ Rubbish Found in the Arctic

Kara Sea’s Highly Inconsistent Permafrost Warming

Arctic and Antarctic Museum Digitizes Polar Exploration Heritage

Ocean Photographer of the Year 2023 Winners Announced

St. Petersburg Hosts Arctic Resource Development Conference

Volunteers Took Away the Rubbish on the Arctic Seas’ Beaches

Standards for Responsibility to the Indigenous Peoples Signed

Norwegian Arctic Mine May Resume Production

Simulation of Indigenous Public Consultation

250 Tons of Garbage Collected Within Recent Green Arctic Expeditions

Arctic Sea Ice Extent Increased by Almost 200 Thousand Square Kilometers

New Largest Ice Navigation Training Center in the World

Belarus Intends to Develop the Northern Sea Route

Arctic Regions Strengthen Cooperation with China

Scientists Created a Frost-resistant Glue for Use in Arctic Conditions

New research vessel Ivan Frolov for the Arctic

The 6-year Voyage Around the Earth on the Yacht ‘Elizaveta’ is Over

Students to Go on a Scientific Expedition to the Arctic Region

12 Texts in Sami Found Within Chistaya Arktika [The Clean Arctic] Expedition

Some Inconsistencies in Adopting Tools for the Development of the Russian Arctic

Arendalsuka 2023: Indigenous Empowerment

Norway’s Deep-Sea Mining Plans Face Strong Opposition

Russia Announced It’s Withdrawing from the Barents Euro-Arctic Council

Russia Withdraws from Barents Euro-Arctic Council

Norwegian Scientists Digitize Svalbard Mountains

Moscow and Beijing to Sign a Cooperation Agreement on Arctic Station Project

BRICS Arctic Floating University’s Expedition

India Will Develop the Northern Sea Route with Russia

Cruise Ship Ocean Explorer Freed After Running Aground in Greenland’s Arctic

Digitalization: Ecology of the Arctic

Russian Polar Explorers Among the Three Winners of the Winter International Film Festival of Antarctica

The North Pole — 41 Expedition Continues Research Work in the Arctic’s High Latitudes

Developing Military-Indigenous Relations: Reciprocal Opportunities or A Threat?

Eastern Economic Forum 2023: Asia-Pacific Region Players Discuss Prospects for Economic Cooperation

Successful Transportation of LNG Modules to Russia Continues Despite EU Sanctions

The United States Cancels Oil and Gas Leases in Alaska’s National Wildlife Refuge

Atomflot’s Icebreakers Escorted a Capesize Bulk Carrier Across the Arctic

Svalbard’s Uniqueness Attracts the Growing Attention of the World’s Media

‘Akademik Treshnikov’ to Deliver Polar Explorers and Supplies to the Arctic

Norway Satellites to Combat Illegal Fishing

The Swedes Are Concerned About a Risk of Asking Russia for the Weather Forecast

The Arctic Station in Sakha Plans to Study the Earth’s North Magnetic Pole

The Latest Technologies for the Development of the Arctic Will be Discussed at the EEF-2023

China’s 13th Scientific Expedition to the Arctic Ocean Has Reached the North Pole

Norwegian Researchers Reported a Record Rate of Permafrost Thawing in Svalbard

The Belarusian Ministry of Emergency Wants to Take Part in Russian Rescuers’ Exercises in the Arctic

Shortage of Fleet for the Northern Sea Route

The First U.S. Deep Water Port for the Arctic

Closed Soviet Weather Station Will Be Restored in Svalbard

Wind of Change: Arctic Sea Ice May Melt Faster Soon

Hottest July 2023 Ever for the Arctic

Norway Seeks to Become the Leader in Oil and Gas Production at any Cost?

An Investor from India Will Build a Plant in the Polar Region to Produce 1.3 Billion Drug Units Each Year

Norway-Russia Barents Sea Joint Expedition

Mars in the Arctic

Saint Petersburg & Russian Arctic Development

China’s Expedition Aboard the Icebreaker Xuelong-2 to the North Pole

Prospects of Establishing Joint Permafrost Research Sites in Russia and China

Previously Unknown Algae Will Help Scientists Monitor the State of the Arctic

Russia and China. Meanwhile, What About the United States?

Submersible Nuclear Power Module Project for the Arctic

Russia and China Will Increase Cooperation in the Field of Development of Forest Resources of the Far East

A New Arctic Bus

The Second Arktika-M Satellite Successfully Passed Vacuum Tests